We’re here to keep it real, raw, and what it means to be The Confident Woman.


Thank you for your interest in applying to be our guest on The Confident Woman Podcast, a top-ranked and award-winning podcast hosted by Rachel Brooks and Erin Klein. Rachel is an entrepreneur, founder, creator, podcaster, and 3x global award-winning best-selling author. Erin is a speaker, founder, and coach.

Rachel and Erin have interviewed countless experts in fitness, mindset, coaching, business, trauma, recovery, and finance.

The Confident Woman Podcast is in the TOP 5% of all active podcasts globally!

With almost 35,000 total listens & thousands of monthly listeners, The Confident Woman Podcast is a massive platform for impact-makers wanting to share their message, mission, and voice with the world. 


A Sponsored Appearance on The Confident Woman Podcast Includes:

  • A featured 35-45-minute interview on The Confident Woman Podcast
  • An opportunity to promote yourself and a ‘Call To Action’ to a product or service of your choice!
  • We have a complete show notes page on our website, including any promotions and links you desire.
  • An email to our entire audience directly linked to the episode + show notes page.
  • Multiple social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram (over 15k audience).

The Confident Woman Stats

  • Over 35,000 downloads!
  • Ranked Top 5% all active podcasts!
  • Listeners in over 80+ countries!
  • Average listener aged 25-45
  • Distribution to all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, Anchor, Stitcher, and more!


Past guests include:

Roxanne Saffaie: Getting to Know Your True Self and Discovering Your Purpose

Katrina Ruth: Going All In On YOU

Kathleen Cameron: Manifesting the World You Want

Teri Ijeoma: How to Boost Your Money Confidence

Kate Griffith: Temptation Island to Authentic Self

Yasmine Robles: How To Create The Business You Love

and more!


The Confident Woman Podcast Application

The Confident Woman is a top-ranked mental health podcast with over 100 episodes published, and 35,000 total listens. Previous guests include Roxanne Saffaie, Katrina Ruth, Kathleen Cameron, Teri Ijema, Kate Griffith, Yasmine Robles, and more.

With 100+ guest applicants, we have very limited interview slots. We’ve implemented an appearance fee to ensure that only heart-centered, passion-driven women who are truly serious about creating impact and changing lives will apply. 




Why The Confident Woman Podcast requires an appearance speaking sponsorship:

The Confident Woman Podcast is entirely self-funded. The show does not have brand sponsors. Most people don’t understand that running a podcast can cost $10,000+. This self-sponsorship fee helps cover podcast production, hosting, equipment, content creation, and more. The fee helps us keep the show running, create new content and grow our listenership while our guests and we make a life-changing impact in the world.

We have a team dedicated to producing the episodes, editing the show notes, creating content, making the transcripts, posting the episodes, sharing on social media, onboarding guests, and everything in between. Your fee helps us cover the overhead, so your episode is ready to go!

Having our guest sponsorship fee helps to ensure that only change-makers who are serious about sharing their heart, message, voice, offer, and expertise with The Confident Woman Community and online listeners worldwide.


How long will we record?

Our recordings are typically 35-45 minutes, but if you’re LIT, let’s roll!

When will my episode air?

Our episodes will release in the order they are recorded. If you have an upcoming event, promotion, book launch, or program, just let us know, we’ll do our best to accommodate.

How many people will listen to the episode?

With over 35,000 total listens, and 15,000+ followers on social the listeners can vary.

What kind of equipment do I need?

To record, you’ll need a podcast mic and quality camera to see each other. If you do not have these, a pair of headphones or quality earbuds will help minimize outside sounds.

What if I need to reschedule?

No problem, just let us know!

Will you send me the graphics and video clips you make?

Yes! The Confident Woman team will send you the completed episode, graphics, and links you can use for all of your social media channels!